Announcing the New Book Trailer for “Loreena’s Gift”

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Last Page Image 700I’m so excited!

I’ve never done a book trailer before, so this was a fun experience. I’ll be posting about it over at Writing and Wellness within the next couple weeks, in case you’re looking for more details on what it was like.

My main reason for doing the trailer was to (hopefully) increase awareness of the book, and entice a few more readers to give it a try.

But I was surprised to discover another benefit:

It brought the characters to life in a brand new way.

I live with my characters for years before writing, while writing, and while doing all the edits to get the book ready to publish. You’d think after all that time I would knew them as well as anyone could.

But I found out that wasn’t exactly true.

When I saw the trailer for the first time (created with the amazing Jerome McLain), I felt all over again the struggles the characters go through, particularly the heroine, Loreena, and it was really moving.

She seemed even more real to me (didn’t think that was possible!) in that moment.

Hope you enjoy watching—let me know what you think in the comments.

And if you decide to check out the book, please consider leaving an Amazon review when you’ve finished it.

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  1. April Moore says:

    That looks fantastic, Colleen! How exciting!

  2. Terrific trailer, Colleen – congratulations!