KREX News Interview on “Loreena’s Gift”

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I was honored to discuss Loreena’s Gift in this news interview with the lovely
Lauren Klenda of “KREX News.”

Lauren asked me to talk about the book, what happens in it, and the inspiration behind it. It was only a short three minutes, but it was fun!

Find the total interview on the KREX link here, or watch below on the YouTube link.

Even more enjoyable was watching the news unfold on live television from behind the scenes. I still don’t know how the weather guys manage to point where they need to on the map when all there is behind them is a giant green screen.

Of course they have monitors to look at, but they’re positioned a good distance away, and they have to keep turning from one to the other. Amazing to watch them do it.

It was fun, too, to see Lauren handle the ups and downs of going live. The featured “pet of the week,” for instance, was late, and it was up to her to prepare to fill in the time. Fortunately, the animal control officer walked in just seconds before her slot, so all went forward as planned.

The camera man, Preston, was very gracious and obviously experienced at helping “non-television” folks like myself to feel comfortable while on camera. I mean, this guy could have been a butler in Downton Abbey he was so polite! I was grateful for his kindness.

If you’d like to know more about the book after seeing the interview, please see the book page. Thanks again to the team at KREX!

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