“Overwhelmed Writer Rescue” Not Just for Writers!

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Not Just for WritersIt’s exciting to see reviewers saying that
Overwhelmed Writer Rescue is not just for writers.

I mention in the beginning of the book that though it’s written with writers in mind, it’s easily applicable to any creative endeavor.

The principles outlined in the book will work just as well for painters, musicians, and other creative artists—even for creative entrepreneurs trying to make time to start a business on the side—as it’s all about making time in your life for your passion.

I’ve stuck to the terms “writers” and “writing” throughout not to exclude other creative artists, but simply to make the book easier to read and follow.

Here’s what reviewers have had to say about this so far:

Overwhelmed Writer Rescue is not just for writers. While the resources, tips, suggestions and advice in the is book are geared toward writers and creative minds–they hold value for any reader struggling with time management and/or procrastination issues. Within the first few pages, I was sharing points of the book with my husband. He is not a writer–but, has a number of projects that he works on beyond his “day job”. Like so many of us; he struggles to find time to complete everything that he must do in a day–and rarely finds that time for the list of things he would like to do! This book is packed with tips to help the overwhelmed–really no matter the field of employment or creative activity of interest!

~Angela, Amazon Reviewer

“If you read only one self help book this year – grab this one! It is not just for writers. This book is very motivating and so easy to read quickly. I zipped through the first two sections in one sitting. That said, I am going to go back and more slowly follow the suggestions and let the ideas and results sink in. This book has valuable information and techniques for anyone who has a dream or feels there are not enough hours in a day. Don’t give up your dreams! Make some small changes, decide what is most important to you and what actions will move you in the proper direction. No one says it will be easy. However it will be worth it and YOU CAN DO IT.”

~ Laura’s Reading, Amazon Reviewer

This is just one single tidbit in a book chock full of information and tips to move forward. I chose to read it as an ebook, but realize I am going to have to get a hard copy. I’ll be going through this one again, taking notes and marking pages. And I just want to say – this book is not just for writers. The principles shared here really relate to anyone with time management and/or procrastination issues.

~Marilyn R. Wilson, Amazon Reviewer

“I really, really enjoyed reading this and recommend it to anyone, not just writers. There is plenty of advice on the health and well-being benefits of good time management that anyone can incorporate into their life.”

~S. Rogerson, Amazon Reviewer

The Overwhelmed Writer Rescue is a book targeted to those who write, but the tips that author Colleen Story offers can be utilized by anyone who is feeling trapped and short on time when it comes to their own personal creative endeavors.

~Meagan, Amazon Reviewer

Though the book is titled Overwhelmed Writer Rescue, its principles apply just as well to visual artists, musicians and other creative types as to writers.

~N. Pokerwinski, Amazon Reviewer

“After reading an advance copy, I realized you don’t have to be a writer to learn from this book how to manage your time.”

~Chuck, Amazon Reviewer

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