Below is a sampling of some of Colleen’s freelance clients & projects.


Project Client: Various

Project description:

Colleen regularly ghostwrites books for clients. Her services include initial research on the topic, assistance with the breakdown of the subjects to be covered, writing, editing, interviewing, and more. She also works with other vendors to deliver cover and interior design, indexing, proofreading, and self publishing.


Project Client: Various

Project description:

Colleen regularly writes, designs, and sends out e-newsletters for her clients and for her own readers. She has worked with several different templates in Mailchimp and is familiar with all steps involved in the process, including creating clickable headlines and incorporating attractive images.

logo_880983_print-300x200Writing and Wellness

Project URL: writingandwellness.com
Project designer: Founded by Colleen M. Story
Project Client: Writers, Artists, & Desk Jockeys

Project description:

Writers, artists, creatives, desk jockeys—this site is for you! Find informative posts on how to stay well to keep producing the work you were meant to do.

The mission of “Writing and Wellness” is to share information about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, pulling from scientific studies, alternative medicine, expert opinions, and the personal experience of artists from all walks of life.

How-Even-Mild-Dehydration-Can-Ruin-Your-Day-1-750x375-300x150Women’s Health

Project URL: womenshealth.com
Project Client: Women’s Health

Project description:

Colleen regularly contributes articles to this online women’s health resource.

“As a driving force for trusted, breakthrough women’s health information, advice and support, we are dedicated to giving voice to diverse perspectives that reinforce the individuality of each woman within the wider context of our common health challenges and goals. At WomensHealth we help you get information and support that that fits you.”

So far, Colleen has covered topics like dehydration, lupus, vitamin D deficiencies, asthma’s effect on a woman’s period, women’s purpose in life, and more.

RHR-Blog-Cover-Graphic-300x200Renegade Health

Project URL: www.renegadehealth.com
Project Client: Renegade Health

Project description:

Colleen started out ghostwriting posts for this online health site, and now writes under her own name. She covers topics including nutrition, preventative care, depression and anxiety, herbs and supplements, women’s health, alternative medicine, and more.

Fresenius-300x168Fresenius Medical Care

Project URL: www.freseniusmedicalcare.us/en/home/
Project Client: Fresenius Medical Care

Project description:

Colleen edits and writes medical brochures, fact sheets, featured articles, news items, and more for this premier health care company. In addition to writing articles about subjects like kidney health, varicoceles, and uterine fibroids, she interviews staff at various Fresenius centers around the country to create focused features shared in a publication that is provided both online and in print.

AMG-group-300x260Annmarie Skin Care

Project URL: www.annmariegianni.com/skin-care-articles.html
Project Client: Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

Project description:

Colleen ghostwrites for this publication on a regular basis, covering topics like natural skin care ingredients, nutrition for the skin, acne control, herbal remedies for skin, toxic ingredients in skin care, and more.

Examples of her posts include:

Synthetic Vitamin C Versus Natural: Does it Make a Difference?

7 Ways Turmeric Can Beautify Your Skin

Ditch the Chemicals—7 Ways to Color Your Hair Naturally

What’s the Difference Between Extra Virgin and Fractionated Coconut Oil?

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 7.34.35 PM 4Health magazine

Project URL: 4 Health Magazine
Project Client: Moo Publishing

Project description:

Currently editor and writer-at-large, Colleen has worked with this Boston-based publication for over five years. You can see the current issue at the 4Health website listed above. (Click on the current issue in the upper left-hand corner to peruse the magazine.)

Sample articles include:

Live Long and…Drink?

Berries God for the Brain

Do Supplements Help Prevent Cold and Flu?

Child Cancer Survivors at Higher Risk for Stroke

Pet Dental Care

CV-Skinlabs-Cancer-Box-300x206CV Skinlabs

Project URL: www.cvskinlabs.com/
Project Client: CV Skinlabs (and Cinco Vidas)

Project description:

Colleen has served as editor for this company (and its co-company, Cinco Vidas) for over six years. She is involved in a myriad of projects, including brand identity, e-newsletters, blog posts, training materials, powerpoint presentations, speeches, brochures, product identity, and more.


Project Date of completion: 2012-2014
Project Client: Healthline

Project description:

Colleen has written a number of posts for “Healthline,” an online resource with a mission to make the people of the world healthier through the power of information.

Samples of her posts for this company include:

Herbal Remedies for ADHD

Causes of Alzheimer’s: Is It Hereditary?

Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

8 Essential Everyday Exercises to Manage Pain

PedBas_spread_1-opt-300x200Pediatric Basics

Project Date of completion: 2005-2008
Project Client: Gerber Baby Products

Project description:

Colleen was editor of this publication for nearly four years, working with top researchers in the area of infant and toddler nutrition to create a respected periodical delivered to over 50,000 readers. Pediatric Basics was produced by Gerber Baby Products until they were bought out by Nestle in 2008. Sample articles include:

  1. Growing Up to New Standards (ghostwritten by Colleen)
  2. FAQ About DHA (ghostwritten by Colleen)
  3. How Soon to Intervene (significantly edited by Colleen)