Here’s what attendees had to say about
Colleen’s previous workshops and presentations:

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“Workshops can be hit or miss. Colleen’s is a hit! Colleen has a strong, dynamic stage presence and the authenticity and authority that come with many years of being a professional writer. Her presentation was relevant, timely, and creative. Colleen strikes just the right balance between professional and approachable, and I walked away able to immediately apply what I’d learned (and with a fun but practical reminder of the workshop’s purpose). I’ll be back for more of her workshops and will enthusiastically encourage my clients to participate.”

~Cristen Iris, former National Chapter Director, Non-Fiction Authors Association, Book Editor, Ghostwriter (Boise, Idaho)

“Colleen will open your eyes to all those little things that get in the way of your productivity and she’ll equip you with the tools to eliminate distractions and increase your productivity. I attended her workshops at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference and listened to her high-energy presentation. Needless to say, I took home many useful tips to eliminate what wasn’t important in my life and focus on being more productive with those things that are.”

~Chuck Barrett, Bestselling Thriller Author (Colorado)

“Colleen is an excellent speaker. Her presentation was concise, inspiring, and practical in the best of ways.”

~Jeri Walker, Editor (Idaho)

“Colleen has become my go-to productivity guru. My darling workaholic husband is becoming familiar with my ‘Colleen says…’ quips. In my defense, I find I’m reminding myself to avoid time thieves and I LOVE the ‘I don’t…’ phrasing of saying no! It feels powerful.”

~JC Lynne, Fantasy Author (Colorado)

“I thoroughly enjoyed Colleen’s talk about overcoming self-doubt. Her keen insight and willingness to share her own personal journey resonated with me. I’m always impressed and encouraged by authenticity and grace. She had plenty of both!!”

~Renee Settle, National Chapter Director, Non Fiction Authors Association (Boise, Idaho)

“I attended Colleen’s freelance writing presentation at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference and enjoyed her personal story and revealing quiz. Colleen is professional, knowledgeable and thoroughly covered all aspects of starting your own business. I highly recommend Colleen as a speaker and workshop leader.”

~Belle Schmidt, Poet (Colorado)

“I thoroughly enjoyed Colleen’s class on boosting productivity. It was well organized, professional, thorough, fun, and truly helpful. One unforgettable illustration she gave keeps me on task whenever I think about lapsing into my old ways. This was the best material, bar none, that I’ve ever seen on productivity. Her research was exceptional, and the presentation was a hit with everyone in the class.”

~Chere Hagopian, Poet (Wyoming)

“Colleen’s presentation was fantastic. I was most impressed with the way she led me to believe that I really could get rid of self-doubt as a writer. I went into it a skeptic, because what writer doesn’t struggle with self-doubt? But she let us through point-by-point, in a way that was not only engaging and understandable, but that actually affected change in the way I think about things. Packed full of information, entertaining, and well worth the time spent. Colleen is not only a gifted writer, but a gifted speaker as well.”

~Donna Cook, Author and Editor (Idaho)